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Is the High Five Scholarship Website Free?

The High Five Scholarship Search is free of charge.

How do I find a Scholarship using the High Five Scholarship Search?

Complete the short registration and then answer all of the questions on the following pages that pertain to you. Each question is designed to help find scholarships matching your personality, goals and unique characteristics. The more questions you answer the more relevant your search results will be. After you have completed the questionnaire the website will search through millions of scholarships to find those that best match your personal profile.

After I find a scholarship what do I do next?

One of the most important steps in obtaining a scholarship is learning how to manage the scholarship application process. You should prepare a spreadsheet listing every scholarship application you submit. Be sure to include the name and amount of the scholarship and the date it is to be awarded. Also record any contact information (email addresses, physical addresses and websites) and finally the date you submit the application. Don't be afraid to communicate with the scholarship provider before the scholarship award date to remind them of your qualifications, desire and need of the scholarship, and how it will affect your future plans.

Many scholarships applications can be completed online. Submit applications for as many scholarships as you can but make sure each application is treated with care and as if it were the only application you are submitting.

If the application requires an essay or has questions that require lengthy written answers make sure you review your answers with an interested party (like a parent, an English teacher or a guidance counselor) before you submit your application. If the application is an online application form that requires an essay or lengthy written answers print the form and complete it manually and review your essay or answers with an interested party before you complete it online.

Like anything of value winning a scholarship takes time and effort. The more time and effort you invest the more likely you will be to win a scholarship.

Should I get a student loan?

Many students opt for student loans without really understanding the consequences and then several years later learn that money is much easier to borrow than it is to repay.

Even though student loans don't have to be repaid until after you graduate or leave school, that day will eventually come and the loan will need to be paid in full with interest. For some students a student loan makes perfect sense, especially those that graduate and work in careers with high salaries. But for those that graduate with debt and lower paying jobs, student loans can be a burden that lasts a lifetime.

You need to understand that student loan debt never goes away. Student loans are not forgivable in bankruptcy and lenders can legally garnish up to 15% of your wages every year until the debt is paid.

Before you agree to borrow any funds you should seek the advice of someone you trust and then make sure you understand all of the ramifications of the loan including what your monthly payment will be when you start making payments after you are finished with school. In many cases a portion of your total educational costs can be supported by debt without any problems.

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